Consumers and enterprises demand even faster, more flexible means of communication, packed with next-generation functionality. To meet these demands, leaders in the communications space seek expert consultation and highly skilled IT professionals to push the limits of technology and profitably keep pace with the speed of complex industry changes.

Serving Telecommunication Sectors

ABV Communications offers specialized services for all segments of the communications industry.

  • Integrated Carriers
  • MSO
  • OEMs
  • Wireless
  • Networking
  • Communication Hubs
Solutions for Communications Organizations

Our range of IT services, in combination with our unmatched talent management expertise, allows us to address strategic opportunities and mitigate risks specific to the communications industry.

  • Responsiveness to traffic and capacity demands As more consumers rely on mobile devices and cloud technology, organizations must modernize their networks to handle the increased traffic. ABV helps clients deploy virtualization and cloud technologies, and we support the subsequent implementation.
  • Better security for your internal networks through defined mobility policies As employees increasingly use personal devices at work, the lack of a strong BYOD policy will put undue pressure on your network and introduce risk to your organization ABV can help you develop strategies to maintain the integrity of confidential company data while optimizing the potential benefits of BYOD.
  • Increased communication capabilities through video technology Video conferencing presents an innovative way to reach customers and clients in a global business climate. ABV consults with each client to ensure video capabilities, including the switching, routing and network resources, are established in order to realize immediate cost savings and heightened visibility.
  • Real-time business intelligence for critical decision making We understand the great amount of data that flows through your organization every day, encompassing everything from customer service interactions to bandwidth patterns. AVC helps clients sift through the volume and variety of their data in order to anticipate trends and improve product offerings.
  • Improved network capacity In response to increased demand and pressure on the network, carriers and mobile operators are exploring small cell technology as a potential solution. TEKsystems helps clients identify bandwidth concerns, evaluate infrastructure and connectivity needs and support architecture demands.

We Communicate

CustomizedSolutions: ABV understands that a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply when trying to solve complex business issues within the communications industry. While we utilize sound methodologies and processes to deliver our services, we custom-build each solution to ensure it meets the specific initiatives and projects that our communications clients face.

Industry Knowledge: We possess nearly 6 years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals who focus solely on supporting clients within the communications industry. We leverage this in-depth insight to craft solutions based on the latest communications trends and best practices.

Quality Governance: ABV project management and governance organizations ensure we offer consistent project success. ABV is focused on continuous improvement, updating our delivery processes and methods based on best practices and lessons learned.

Scalable Delivery: We can address your needs spanning multiple delivery models—from staff augmentation, to managed, project-based or fully outsourced services. we can offer you a range of delivery options including on-site, off-site, near-shore and off-shore models.

Specialized Resources:Regardless of the delivery model you need, we ensure you receive the best IT professionals for the job at hand Also, ensuring that we can find the right resources or teams you need to meet your complex goals.

Workforce Planning:IT talent management is a critical component to delivering successful IT initiatives. Through thousands of daily interactions and careful market research, we possess an unparalleled understanding of the IT professional that enables us to help you optimize your talent attraction, development and retention strategies.